Monday, August 11, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- I downloaded the 40k: Carnage, Storm of Vengeance, and Warhammer Quest app.  Pretty fun little games, especially Warhammer Quest.

- Worked a ton on assembling my 40k stuff, finally finishing the Dark Vengeance box contents.  I scrounged up 15 more cultists to assemble as well for a full 35...

- Using my birthday money, I went a bit crazy in the gaming department!  I preordered the Skulls & Shackles stuff for the Pathfinder ACG.  Preordered 2x core sets of the 40k LCG.  Got caught up on all the Star Wars LCG force packs I had missed out on. (6 or 7 of em)  Picked up some random sleeves and deck boxes, and a TIE Phantom.  I also picked up Vol 1 of the Pathfinder comic, and the Munchkin Pathfinder game.

- Played a few games of the Pathfinder ACG.  I'd like to be able get a character back up to deck #6 for when it arrives.

- Played a game of Castle Panic.  It was alright.  I'm starting to think that no matter which game I play, the guys I've been playing with will end up slowing down each game regardless, due to booze, arguing, and lack of focus... still, it is better than option B, which is not play anything at all!

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