Monday, February 27, 2017

New Poll: Should I return to 40k with the next edition?

Posted up a quick poll at the top of my blog, with a simple question:  IF I were to pick up 40k with the next edition (8th edition), what force should I collect?  (plus I left an option for the 40k haters out there!)  The poll will run until the start of June, 2017...  SO PLEASE VOTE!

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Sunday, February 26, 2017

What's New With WuhSawBe?

"I'll just add afew happy lil' spase mareens over here..."

It's been a few weeks, so here's a bit of an update:

... and these are not even all of them!
On the Hobby/Modeling front, I picked up some Rebel Commandos for Imperial Assault, and quickly painted them up.  I've also gotten back into playing SAGA, as you'll see below, and with the release of the A&A book, I dove headfirst into the Late Romans!  I picked up a Gripping Beast box of plastic late romans, and some dark age warriors to run as romano-british levies.  (my Romans are going to be one of the last legions to pull out of Britain)  I've had to order a ballista for my force, and I've also got to get my hands on some Renedra bases for my 2nd levy unit.  But yeah, I've been assembling things like crazy all last week, and have begun painting. (All while watching various shows featuring Romans to keep me inspired)  I've finished up the Warlord already, but I'm waiting for more of the army to be completed before showing him off.  This is a pretty big undertaking, compared to some of my recent projects, and I suspect I'll be working on these guys for a couple of weeks...

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Halo Lootcrate #4 Unboxing/Review - On the right track?

HaloCrate #4 - Halo Wars 2 themed!

The last HaloCrate from Lootcrate seemed to be much of an improvement of the previous crates, and while they still seemed to struggle with their shirt designs, they seemed to be improving.  So, how does the 4th HaloCrate, with a Halo Wars 2 theme, stack up?  Is Lootcrate still on the right track?

As always, it should be pretty obvious, but.... SPOILER ALERTS below!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Imperial Assault: Painted Core Box Models!

Fully painted and ready for a fight!

Recently, I've been playing a bit of Imperial Assault (Skirmish mode) with my daughter, and I also just finished up all the models from the Core Box set!  Personally, the game itself (skirmish mode at least) is a lot of fun, the board is small so it doesn't require a ton of space, the gameplay is easy enough for my 6 yr old to pick up without sacrificing tactical gameplay.  I was also impressed by the speed of play, despite having lots of models on the board, and not to mention all the various configurations and combos you can come up.  There is even a small deck-building aspect that comes into play with the command cards and building your command deck.  Oh, and there are multiple versions of some of the models within the core box, the ones with grey bases are basic versions, while the ones with red rings on their bases are more elite versions or of elite characters.  (you'll see both versions below)  I also wanted a very basic, untextured base that would be uniform throughout all the models, so I went with a simple, dry-brushed grey color that wouldn't distract too much form the actual models themselves.

Model wise, they weren't too bad.  All one piece plastics, except the AT-ST, but even he was all push-togteher pieces.  The level of detail isn't on the same scale of the typical miniatures game, but that is ok too, as they really are simply boardgame pieces.  Cleanup of the mold lines and such isn't the easiest on these, and you'll be able to tell from the pictures.  They are made of a soft plastic, similar to the cheaper plastics from Mantic or the Battletech box set, in that you can take a hobby knife to them, but a hobby file just seems to shred them up and can cause a further loss of detail.  Just keep in mind that they are boardgame pieces and work them to a tabletop standard and I think you'll be happy with them once they hit the table.  **EDIT: The expansions I picked up seem to be a better in terms of both mold-lines and the material feels a bit more firm...

Enough talk!  My daughter has taken a liking to the Imperials, which means I tend to end up playing the Rebels or the Scum/Bounty Hunters.  So, I'll start with the Rebels from the core set....