Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This Geek's Week...

Sails of Glory!

- Finished up my priest for Saga, now I'm down to just the two Bannermen left.

- Ordered a book on the Italian Blackshirts in order to get a better look at their uniforms.  A platoon or two of Italian rifles for FoW that I think I want to paint up as blackshirts for early war.

Tabletop Games:
- Played several games of "Kid-Hammer".

- Played a game of Krosmaster Arena.

- Played a game of Sails of Glory.

- Ordered the Alpha Strike Companion book.  I figured I would give it a look...

Video Games:
- Played a bit of War Thunder.  I switched from RB to arcade mode, the idea being that I'll get a better mix of tanks.  I'm tired of getting steamrolled by teams full of invincible T-34's.

Until next time,

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

This Geek's Week...

8 more Hearthguard finished.  I'm now up 5 pts worth!

- Finished up 8x Hearguard for Saga.  I'm down to just the two Bannermen and priest!

Tabletop Games:
- Played a game of Saga vs Steppe Tribes.  Although I lost, I feel like I did better this time around.  The Milites Christi just seem to have no answer for all that shooting!

- I ended up trading all my X-Wing stuff for Sails of Glory stuff.  I'm looking more and more like a historical wargamer each day.

- Visited a different semi-local gaming store, and picked up 2 Italian CR. 42's for Wings of Glory.

Card/Board Games:
- Ancient Origins released for Pokemon, so I picked up both new theme decks, an elite trainer box, and a booster box.

- Played 2 home games of Pokemon.

- Played 2 games of Boss Monster with my daughter.

Video Games:
- Played a bit of PTCGO.

- Played a bit of War Thunder.  I did find, what feels like a bias towards Russian Tanks, to be rather annoying.  I place several shots, maiming crew, hitting ammo, engine, everything... Only to have them turn around and 1-shot me with an equal hit.

- Played a bit of Pokemon ORAS, mostly super training my team, trading online, and breeding Bulbasaurs and Scythers.

Until next time,

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

WIP shots of my painting table...

It's been awhile since I've posted some painted stuff, so I figured I'd give you guys a quick look at what's currently on my painting desk.  As you know, I try to not overload myself with projects and I try to not buy any new minis until I've completed what I've started....

Here's what Ive got going on, Saga, Battletech, and a little bit of Flames of war...

Monday, August 10, 2015

This Geek's Week...

This is going on the wall of the Nerd Lair...

- Worked on my last saga bits.

- Worked on my Battletech stuff.

Tabletop Miniatures:
- Played a couple games of Battletech: Alpha Strike with my daughter.

- Played another game of Saga vs Vikings.  Managed my 2nd win, despite a major blunder vs a unit of berserkers...

Card/Board Games:
- Played 6 home games of Pokemon TCG.  Played 7 games at the Pokemon league as well.

- Several people at the LGS got their hands on copies of the Game of Thrones LCG several months early, thanks to Gen Con.  I was intrigued, seeing as I played the original, pre-LCG version, AND 1st ed LCG version.  If play continues, then I may seriously jump on board!  I love AGoT!

- Picked up a couple of Weiss Schwarz decks.  (Attack on Titan and Kancolle). I'd really like to play, but linking up is a bit of an issue due to scheduling.

Video games:
- Played a bit of  PTCGO.

- Played a ton of GW2 PVP on my engineer.  I've had some good games, and most of the time I do pretty well in the score department, BUT sometimes I run into a player/class that absolutely WRECKS me in 2 seconds flat.  It's times like that, that I really dislike the "twitchy" factor of PvP...

- Played some Pokemon ORAS.

- Played a bit of War Thunder.

Books & Comics:
- Half Price Books had a HUGE three day sale at the local convention center, and I scored 11 old Battletech novels for $5.50!