Sunday, June 28, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Worked a bit on my knights for Saga.  I'm working on the white layers for 12 of the knights, all at once.  It's a slow process, but once done, it will be all downhill from there.  I'm really hoping to have the Knights finished by the next time I post...

Tabletop Games:
- Made it up to the LGS again, and got in another game of Saga.  Teutonic Knights vs Norse-Gaels.  It was another loss, but I still had fun,  honestly, I'm mostly just trying to get comfortable with the battle board itself.  I'll probably set up a game or two in my basement to get in some practice, try working out some the kinks.  All in All, Saga is pretty awesome!

- I ended up playing another Saga game, and this time I wrangled my daughter in on it, since the goal was just to try and figure out the battle board a bit more.  She took control of the Crusaders and I played my Teutonic Knights.  I won, but geez, warriors are the BANE of my Hearthguard!

Card/Board Games:
- Picked up the Mega Rayquaza figure box, Rayquaza collection box, Mega Rayquaza Pin set, and the Absol Ex collection.  Finally, I let my daughter get the Blaziken tin as well.

- Played 5 home of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.

- Played 16 games at the Pokemon League, and received 3 badges for my new Koffing bag.  Next weekend is a local tournament, and I think I'm going to give it a try...

- I'm also going with a theme for all my Pokemon League and tourney gear, and that theme is KOFFING!  He's on my deck case, and now I have him on a backpack.  I also ordered a blank, purple Playmat, and I drew him on there as well.  Finally, I'll round everything off with a fancy purple deck box, sleeves, and purple dice!

WIP shot of my mat...

TV/Video Games:
- I received Pokemon: Omega Ruby for Fathers Day, so I've been playing that a TON!

- I've also been playing the Pokemon TCG Online.  (Add me, I go by WuhSawBe)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The latest news for Freeblades by DGS Games!

WIP of one of the KS creatures.  Pic via Facebook.

DGS Games, a local gaming company of which a few of my old gaming-friends are a part of, have started a new KickStarter campaign for their game: Freeblades, and they could use your support!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

This Geek's Week...

- Worked on my Saga stuff a bit more.  I'm switching from working on the foot warriors, to primarily working on the Knights... As they'll make up a bulk of my force.  I've started working on assembling the final 10 knights that were my spares.

Tabletop Games:
- Played a game of X-Wing with my daughter.  It was Fett + an Academy Pilot vs Soontir Fel & Fel's Wrath.  I ended up winning, but my daughter played out a full game, and is getting better with the maneuvers.

- Played a game of "Monster Killers" with my daughter.

- Got to play a game of SAGA, and it was AWESOME!  4 pts of my Teutonic Knights vs Scots.  I lost, but had a blast!  I just loved the back and forth nature of game, where it's unclear just who the victor will be until the final round.  It was a very refreshing gaming experience!

- Went to the Pokemon League, but only got to play 1 game.  I did buy a few packs for my daughter, and she pulled the Ultra Rare Version of Mega Rayquaza EX.

- Played 9 home games of Pokemon with my daughter.

- I've also been watching a bit of the Pokemon UK Nationals on YouTube as the podcast: PTCGRadio posts em up.

Video Games:
- As always, playing plenty of the DS.  (smash Bro's, Pokemon Rumble, etc). Add me as a friend:  "WuhSawBe": 4785-7761-0040

- Also played a bit of the Pokemon TCG Online.  If you play, feel free to find me on there, I go by "WuhSawBe".

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Something interesting I stumbled on...

The other day I stumbled upon a podcast episode that I think EVERY GAMER, whether competitive, semi-competitive, or even casual  can learn something from!  This episode of Next Level Z is an interview with Will Jonathan, a mental sports coach, and personal development advocate, and while the topic may be related to the DBZ card game, the message easily translates over to ANY other game, be it, miniatures or cards.  The overall message is that your mental approach, whether positive or negative, to a game or event at ANY LEVEL, WILL have an impact on not only your overall enjoyment of the experience, but can actually have an effect on your overall outcome as well.  It's real easy to listen to as well, just follow the link above, no need to download anything, just click play.  It's about an hour long, and they jump right in!  Before anyone says "but, I don't play DBZ,  it wont make any sense!"  the actual DBZ talk is pretty light, and you can easily translate the message over to your favorite game.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

2015 Kansas DBZ Regionals

- Whoa, who designed that AWESOME poster?!?!  Oh yeah, I did!

A quick shout out to my favorite Card Shop, Collector's Cache, who will be one of only a handful of stores hosting a 2015 Dragon Ball Z TCG Regional!  It's going to be a GREAT EVENT, and if you play DBZ competitively, I highly encourage you to check things out!  The info below was taken directly from their Facebook page:

 "Collector's Cache is proud to host one of only 12 Regional tournaments for DBZ Panini this August!!!

Play it COOL.  Enjoy the GAME.
DBZ Panini Regional Tournament! - August 22nd

Date: Saturday August 22nd
Time: Registration begins at 9am
Round 1 fires at 10am

Entry fee: $20

Regional Tournament Prizes:
1 st Place: $1,000.00 (World Championship Invite)
2 nd Place: $500.00 (World Championship Invite)
3/4th Place: $150.00

5/8th Place: $50.00 

All entrants will receive Saiyan Outrage, Orange Possession Drill, and Wall Breaker Promos. Top Cut will receive more exlcusives...
Stay tuned for Side event information - but expect Win A Mats, Win A Boxes, and cash tourneys to fire after round 3 completes.

Email with any questions."

Any predictions on winning decks?  


This Geek's Week...

- Worked more on my Teutonic Knights.  Although I did manage to finish up my Warlord,  I've slowed down a bit on them... I just gotta keep plugging along to get them finished.

Card/Board Games:
- Built a handful of "League Decks", including Night March (thanks Trump Ban) and a version of Crobat, I called "Dark Bats".  I'm planning ahead for the rotation, and avoiding buying any BW stuff...

- Played 16 home games of Pokemon with my daughter and played 9 League games.  The league decks I mentioned worked very well, though I'm planning to some more tweaks.  I'll start posting decks soon!

Video Games:
- Played a bit of Pokemon TCG Online.  Played a bunch of the DS.

- Picked up the latest Varian and Radovan Pathfinder novel: "Lord of Runes" by Dave Gross.  I'm 100 pages or so in, and really enjoying it!

Monday, June 1, 2015

SAGA Crossbowmen are finished...

I managed to finish up the first unit for my SAGA Teutonic Knights, though I did run into a bit of an issue.  I had been reading a book about the Teutonic Knights, to get a feel for some of their history.  I read a little bit about how the non-knights serving in the order were called "Grey Brothers" after the color of the garb, but the problem I noticed came with their cross symbols.  I finished up this unit, snapped some pictures, and the very next day read about how not only did they wear grey, but they also bore unique crosses on their uniforms as well.  Instead of a cross, as we are used to seeing, they had symbols more like the letter "T", as a way to differentiate them from full fledged knights.  Something like they had a cross with "only 3 points" to signify that they had not earned full fledged "brother" status, or the right to bear a full cross.  (Something like that anyway)  Luckily, it was an easy enough fix, and I just went in with a bit of grey to correct the crosses.  I still have not retaken the pictures yet, so you'll just have to imagine them with "T"s...

All in all, I enjoyed putting them together and painting them.  Fireforge did a great job!


This Geek's Week[s]...

oh dem Bouffalants...

- Finished up my Crossbowmen for Saga, and have moved onto working on my Warlord and Warriors on Foot...

Card/Board Games:
- Tons of home games of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.  Ive been building and reworking decks a lot lately.

- I built and bought a fighting deck to be my "go to league deck".  I'll post it up at some point...

- My daughter and I played in two Pokemon Leagues at Collector's Cache.  (Plug for them)  My wife went to the first one, but found it a bit too much for her.  She couldn't believe that my 5 year old daughter would want to spend 3+ hours playing Pokemon.  Overall it was good experience for my daughter, she got out of her comfort zone a bit, had to meet new people, and engage with them. (with our help of course)  The following week, my daughter and I went to another Pokemon league, this time without my wife.  She was much for comfortable this time around, and we stayed for about 3 hours.  We also both finished our first lines on the league track and got our first league prizes.  Ive been keeping track of the number of games played on BoardGameGeek, and I ended playing my 100th game of Pokemon.  (My fighting deck won that game too!)

- Of course, we bought more cards as well.  I've been letting my daughter buy a pack or two each time we go to the Pokemon League, and she ended up pulling a Full-Art Shaymin EX out of asingle pack.  I also ended up buying a box of Phantom Forces, which took a lot of convincing on the Wife's part.  I'm not sure if I'm better off buying whole boxes or just single cards...

Video Games:
- Still playing a ton of the DS.  Smash Bro's, Pokemon Rumble, etc.

- Played a bit of the Pokemon TCG online.  As always, I go by "WuhSawBe" on there, if anyone wants to find me and kick my butt on there...

- Finished watching the first Persona 4 anime series on Hulu.  I really got into it, and I highly recommend it!

- Watched a few matches of the Pokemon Regionals on twitch.  Just kind of here and there, not too consistently.  Mostly just wanted to see what was being played.

Until next time,