Saturday, May 23, 2015

This Geek's (couple of) Week(s)...

20 or so games of Pokemon with my daughter in the last week...

Miniatures and Hobby:
- Worked a ton on my SAGA force.  I've got my main force assembled, now the painting begins. All I've finished up so far is the first Men-at-arms test model I posted earlier.

- Went to the LGS and picked up a Pathfinder Goblin for my daughter's game of "Monster Killers", I also picked up some tokens to use for fatigue tokens in SAGA.

Card/Board Games:
1st game actually AT a game store!
- Played a TON of games (about 20) of the Pokemon TCG with my daughter.  Heaven help me, but I've introduced her to deck tweaking... I'm still trying to convince to use dice instead if tokens.

- Picked up the latest trainer kit for Pokemon.  I think my daughter and I may start playing in one of the local leagues together.

- My daughter wanted to go to a game store and play her very game actually AT a store.  A bit of a proud gamer-dad moment!  We played at collector's cache in Overland park.  I let her pick up a couple of cards for her decks before playing 5 games of Pokemon.

Video Games:
- I bought a nintendo 3ds xl, and smash bro's.  I downloaded Pokemon rumble on there too, and have been playing it a lot.

- Played a few rounds of the Pokemon TCG online...

Monday, May 18, 2015

SAGA: Army list and quick WIP look at my Teutonic Knights (Milites Christi)

6 pts of Teutonic Knights

I built a lot "hack and slash" poses, hopefully to add some drama...
Recently I started getting into Saga, and after sitting down and reading through the C&C Rulebook I settled on a Milites Christi force of Teutonic Knights.  I went with Fireforge models, and I'm really pleased and impressed with them!  Having put together a few of GW's Bretonnians, I can easily say they are on par with GW's models in terms of quality, and details... maybe even better since they don't have that cartoonish scaling of body parts.  $100 got me a full 8 points worth of models, and for those that may not know, games start at 4 points, and most play at the 6 point level.  Thus, that's where I've started.  What you see is my fully assembled 6 point force (plus an extra priest) and I still have an additional 8x Hearthguard and 2x extra bannermen that are not yet assembled.

Below is my first initial 6 pt list:

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

SPOILER FREE review: "King of Chaos" by Dave Gross.

Desna weeps...
 I'm going to try a slightly different format for this review...

"King of Chaos" by Dave Gross.

From the back of the book:
"After a century of imprisonment, demons have broken free of the wardstones surrounding the Worldwound.  As fiends flood south into civilized lands, Count Varian Jeggare and his hellspawn bodyguard Radovan must search through the ruins of a fallen nation for the blasphemous text that opened the gate to the Abyss in the first place - and which might hold the key to closing it.  In order to succeed, however, the heroes will need to join forces with pious crusaders, barbaric local warriors, and even one of the legendary god callers.  It's a race against time as the companions fight their way across a broken land, facing off against fiends, monsters, and a vampire intent on becoming the god of blood - but will unearthing the dangerous book save the world, or destroy it completely?"

Monday, May 4, 2015

This Geek's Week...

-  With my Shermans now completed, I've started working a wee bit on my Panzergrenadiers.

- I also painted up the extra TIE Phantom for X-Wing.  Just a bit of blue dry brushing to represent "de-cloaking".

"Monster Killers" in action!
- Picked up some Teutonic Infantry for SAGA.  I've started working on the Crossbowmen first, and I must say I am really, really impressed!  I also ordered two boxes of Teutonic Knights.  I'm now pretty set for models!  I'll have 8x Crossbowmen, 16x Infantry, 20x HearthGuard, and my Warlord, a mounted Warrior Priest, and 2x Banner Hearthguard.  I also went up to the shop and met some SAGA players, talked shop, and watched a game.

- Played a game of "Monster Killers" with my daughter.  I've incorporated several rules from SAGA into it, which really helped to simplify and speed the game up.  She really enjoyed it.  Ive been buying her some of the Pathfinder Goblin minis to use with it (the prepaints), and I'm seriously debating on getting some of the iconic heroes to use as my army, thus turning it officially into "Pathfinder Monster Killers".

Card/Board Games:
- My Xenoshyft stuff arrived, and even though I was a bit cranky over how the shipping stuff worked out, it arrived faster than expect. (A little under a week)

- Played a game of Xenoshyft, and it was pretty fun.  Overall, the game was easy to pick up, but very tense. I made it to the end of wave 2 before falling.

Video Games:
- Played a bit of Guild Wars 2 on my Necromancer.

Books & Such:
- Finished up the Pathfinder Tales novel: "King of Chaos".  I started reading a military history book about the Teutonic Knights to gain a bit of inspiration for my new SAGA army.