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Sunday, April 27, 2014

FoW Late War US Rangers list...

Rangers Lead The Way!

Finally got around to picking up the latest Italy books for Flames of War, checking updated points costs for my LW German lists, lucking out by only needing to add two 8-rads, as well as finally being able to figure up a US list to oppose my Germans.  After reading a book about Anzio, the Rangers sounded completely bad @$$, while still having a sad, interesting story.  As with my Hermann Göring stuff, I've been doing a bit a research on the rangers, with the overall goal being a fairly historically accurate list.

This Geek's Week...

My finished Tiger 1 E, ready for fighting in Sicily!

- Bought some foam for my Battlefoam case.  Now my FoW stuff is all snug and cozy!  I also picked up the FoW Italy books and a bunch of new paints, mostly in the US colors so I can start to work on them.

- On the Flames of War side, I finished painting my Tiger 1 E.  I also started working on the 509th Paratrooper portion of my US 6615th Ranger force, based on the Battle at Cisterna.

- Played a few rounds of War Thunder.

- Downloaded and played a bit of Res Orchestra 2 on steam as it was free for 24 hours.  Pretty fun fps, though I'm pretty horrid at it!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Geek's Week...

pic from the "JustWehrmachtThings" FB page...
Not a lot of gaming stuff went on this week really...

- Finished up my Flames of War army, barring the missing decals and subsequent weathering.

- Worked on painting up my Tiger 1 E.

- Played some War Thunder in RB mode, although not a lot this time around...

Friday, April 18, 2014

Finished FoW Late War Hermann Göring Panzerkompanie... well, more or less!

Hermann Göring Panzerkompanie, II Battalion, 7th Company.  PANZER VOR!

Recently, my first Flames of War army hit a bit of a snag.  For some reason, no one seems to have the decals I'm desperately needing, including Battlefront!  For this reason, the army has been put on hold for a bit until they arrive. (which who knows when that will be)  the army is essentially finished, barring those decals and some weathering (I put the decals on first, then do the weathering so the decals come out weathered like the rest of the tank), so I've decided to go ahead and show it as if it is 100% completed.  Once the decals do arrive, I'll be all too eager to go ahead and get the few remaining tanks fully finished.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

This Geek's Week...

-  Flames of War wise, I redid some of the decals on my StuGs and the Recce Vehicles.  I'm also working on my final Panzer IV Platoon.  So far I've got the base colors done, and I got the tracks done on 3 of the 4, which seems to be the most time consuming part.  After that it's down to the details, decals, and weathering.  My decals should arrive soon, so I'm thinking I'll have the army finished shortly.  I've also put together a Tiger 1 E...

- Played a ton of War Thunder in Realistic Battles.  I'm torn on it though.

- Played a bunch of WoT.  Shockingly, I've had some decent games, and I'm not too horrible in a Panzer III.

- Played some Hearthstone.

- Started reading the Wild West Exodus novel, "Honor Among Outlaws" by Craig Gallant.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

WW2- Compiling Research

StuG Life!
As some of you may have seen,  I've started moving really heavily into WW2 gaming, first with Flames of War and soon to be with Bolt Action as well.  In a previous post I outlined my long term ideas/plans for the armies I'd like to start in each of those gaming systems, all of which are based around the allied invasion of Sicily and Italy.  One of my favorite things about Historical Wargaming is all the research that comes along it, and here I've decided to compile some of the images I've been looking at as reference for future painted models.

I should note, one of things I've started noticing is some of the conflicting accounts and data from one resource to the next.  Some sources say this, some say that.  Some list the Panzer Kompanie compositions as being this, some list it differently.  What I have chosen is to choose a given resource, and rightly or wrongly so, just to stick by it!  If someone says "hey, that Kompanie didn't have Panzer IV's" or whatnot, I can easily shrug it off as "well, resource X says they did, so blame them for being wrong".  Finally, I should also note that for the time being, all of these pictures are based on the Hermann Goring Panzers and Grenadiers, mainly because they will be my first armies in FoW and BA, as well as my Ranger force won't require the same amount of visual reference and finding suitable info on Italian forces is proving to be a bit of pain...

Sunday, April 6, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Working some more on my FoW stuff.  I've finished two of the Panzer IV's, and am putting the finishing touches on another.  I also ordered the decals I've been desperately needing, along with recovery vehicle I needed.  All in all, I have about 4 tanks left to paint and I'll have my first fully painted FoW army...

- Been playing a ton of War Thunder (as always).  I've trying to play more RB, as I much prefer the Nation vs Nation style, and while I have a harder time controlling my plane, I like how the flight models are a little more realistic.  Most of the time I have terrible games, sometimes I don't do all that bad, killing half the opposing team.  Honestly, if I can get 1 kill before dying each game I'm happy.

- Was in a bit of a "tank mood" so I tried some WoT, which instantly killed that mood!  I really dislike the WoT play style.  Nothing can get me out of a "tank mood" quicker than woT!  That game is just CRAP!  The best part of WoT is the shirts on jinx.

- I'm only 100 pages into my historical non-fiction book about Roman Generals, and man, it is soooo dry!  It's like: "General X had 3,000 infantry, 1,000 allied infantry, and 200 cavalry.  Opposing guy had X infantry, X number of cavalry.  They set up at location Y.  General X won."  Yes, there is a bit more to it than that, but you get the point.  I was expecting something a bit different, more background on the Generals themselves, more of how their victories shaped Rome itself.  Thus, I'm giving up on it.  Instead, I ordered "Queen of Thorns" and the first Wild West Exodus novel...