Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Geek's Week...

Meet Winston...

- So last Sunday we got an English Bulldog puppy named Winston. (as in "Winston Churchill")  Between my daughter, the new puppy, and work, I have had ZERO real free time to do anything gaming related...

- Started working on my kfz 231 8-rads for my Flames of War LW Germans...

- Played 3 bot games of War Thunder to practice plane control in Realistic mode.  The flight modes in RB are pretty annoying, as it feels like I can never seem to direct my nose towards the target properly and/or I just lose control of my plane in general.  Sigh... I love the nation vs nation and "single plane only" formats of Realistic Battle modes, but sometimes struggling with the controls can be so frustrating!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Finished up the last of my Stugs.  Moved on to painting the 8-Rads.

- Played 3 rounds of the LoTR LCG, of the "Journey along the Anduin" scenario, failing each time.  That Hill Troll is just too much of a pain to get around with my current decks.  The LoTR LCG is fun, but man, it is so hard!

- Played 2 games of X-Wing.  In one I used a Firespray, Lambda Shuttle, and TIE bomber, and even though I did not execute the plan I wanted I still managed a solid win.  2nd game I played using 2x Saber TIE Interceptors, Fel, and Phennir, and I got WRECKED!  Absolutely wrecked!  It started off good, did some janky moves with Fel and Phennir allowing me to draw first blood then roll out of the ooponent's firing arc, but after that one awesome move, the game completely fell apart!  In 12 defense rolls, I could not roll a single dodge!  Fel got instantly popped, followed by Phennir next.  My saber pilots stuck around for a few turns, but Ten Numb (the B-Wing pilot) + marksmen + Autoblaster = no point rolling defense, and the Saber Pilots went down as well.

- Played 2 games of Summoner Wars.  Game 1 I played the Benders vs Deep dwarves, and while it seemed I had the upper hand most of the game,  my opponent sneaked around and caught my summoner off guard for a close win.  Game 2 was the Shadow Elves vs the "Thunder-goats".  I could not kill much of anything, instead I relied on the event that removed 2 of my opponent's cheap guys, as well as the one that limits his movements.  He trashed my elves left and right, however at one point I had his summoner sandwiched between one of my champions along with my summoner, who point a few points on him, but it left my summoner in the back lines and surrounded by goats for the rest of the game.  Eventually I did manage to eek out of win by removing his summoner's cards with the event card I mentioned, and finishing him off using my summoner.  All in all, I really liked the Benders and Shadow Elves!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

FoW - Stug platoon is finished!

Check another Platoon off my Flames of War "To Do" list, this time it is my three Stug G's.  I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out, although I did have to make a few concessions in the "historically accurate" department.  For starters, I'm running these as part of the 11th Company, and I was a bit unsure how to properly number them, I'm also just running low on number decals in general.  Second, the Hermann G ├Âring dial just wouldn't fit in the proper place and I had to move it up a bit.

From left to right: "Boss", "Ironside", and "Lucky"

One of the of the things I've been trying do with my tanks is give each one a bit of character and a visual back story.  With this one, I came up with "Boss", "Ironside", and "Lucky".  "Boss" is well, he's the boss!  Next is "Ironside", a nickname given due to the additional tracks slapped on, functioning as some extra armor in an attempt to protect the driver.  Finally, there is "Lucky".  His tank has been pretty chewed up, taking several hits on his side plates, including a near fatal shot from an AT round that took a huge bite out of his armor but actually passed over the rest of the tank due to the angle.  He's also had to repair the tracks on a few occasions as well.  Needless to say, he's lucky to be alive!

With this platoon finished, it looks like I have the following left to paint for my LW German Army:
- 2x 8-rad recce vehicles
- 8x Panzer IV's (2 Platoons of 4 each)
My plan is to work on the 8-rads next, which will give me some more time to pick up some additional tank number decals.  Progress towards my first fully painted FoW army is slow going, but still coming along...

Panzer Vor!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Geek's Week...

- Working on painting up my Stugs for my FoW army.  Thus far, 2 are finished.

- Played some War Thunder.  Had some decent games in my bf 109's, and some not so decent ones with my Americans.  I did manage some hilarious rocket-kills in my F6F Hellcat though...

- Played some Skyrim using my "Dragonknight" character.

- Played some of the Pathfinder ACG.  "the Fort in Peril" scenario was a pretty easy one for Sajan, and was completed from start to finish in 15 miniutes.  Since it was once again dealing with Ogres, I stacked the monster deck full of them.  I also did the "Here Comes the Flood" scenario, which was an odd one.  I had to read, read, and reread the description.  This time I stacked the monster deck with aquatic monsters.  I really didn't do a whole lot in that scenario, as the villain probably ate about 90% of the cards.  I also ran him through the "Battle at the Dam" scenario, and I finally struggled a bit on this one.  Some poor rolls saw the ogres smack me around a little, including causing the villain to escape once.  Eventually, with the help of a Longbow +1, I was able to bring the villain down, but not before the blessing deck had ticked down to just 3 final cards.  Finally, I finished deck #3 with the "Into the Mountain" scenario, once again breezing through it.  I left there mounted on a sabertooth tiger, wielding a fancy new wand to make future bosses even easier!

- Played some World of Tanks.

- Played my first solo game of Wings of Glory WWII.  I must say, it was close and a lot of fun!  It was looking dire for the allies at one point, as 3 more damage or another engine hit would have ended the game for them, but an error by the Falco II gave the P-40 a perfect shot which caused a ton of damage and knocked the Falco out of the sky!

And with that, the family and are headed off for vacation in Florida!  Perfect timing too, as they are predicting 6-8 inches of snow in my are this week.  So no gaming and no posts for a week or so...